Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Well it has been so eventful that I have not had time to write.  As I sit here in the kitchen using my laptop, we have very nice guests upstairs in the Pillar Rock room from Atlanta, Georgia. We have been open since April 15th and have had people from Maine, Colorado, Connecticut and of course from Washington and Oregon also. What a hoot it has been so far. We are really enjoying it.
    Last week over the 4th of July we had 4 nights in a row booked and then the last night both rooms!  There were 4 in the Hummingbird room so we had 6 people for breakfast!  What an experience. This was the first time we have had both rooms booked.  All went well and we received some glowing reviews.

    Earlier in the year we had a little gathering here with other lodging folks in the community.  It was great getting to know some of them and talking about the ups and downs of hosting people.  Got a lot of good advice and traded brochures. Then in May we had a ribbon cutting by the Chamber of Commerce.  That was a fun event too.  We had two great articles in  the local papers.  One in the Eagle and one in the Daily News.  Both generated some interest.  We are actually a lot busier than we thought we would be and have actually had to turn some people away.  It's not like we are busy each night but it seems that certain times are just more popular! And wouldn't you kn ow it, we blocked out a week when Trevor is here to go on an Alaska cruise and attend Keelin's wedding and have had numerous requests for that week!!!  Oh well!  Hopefully they will book another time!
    When we don't have guests we have been working in the yard.  So much landscaping to do!  We finished reworking the garden area.  We made it twice as big.  Now we have 8 raised beds.  Lots of things growing in there including two dahlia beds.  This year we have lettuce, beans, peas, summer squash, cucumbers, onions, garlic etc...  Brian is also working on updating the water system.  That has been a chore.  Colleen has been down quite a few times to help him with it.  Thank goodness for the tractor.  It sure helps with the project.
   We are trying to keep the lawn looking good as we have a wedding here in September and it has been a dry summer so far.  Have been watering like crazy!  Still some brown spots are popping up but we will get then green sooner or later!  Might have to put in some sod.....?  We have lots of to do's before September gets here....
  More later....

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