Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Last Room

   We are slowly working our way through the last room to remodel!  So far we have cleaned it out which was a big chore as it was our "junque" room!  Son-in-law Adam helped me get it organized and cleaned out, whew it was a big job!  A lot of the items will go back in the room when it is done, so they are kind of randomly stored in the bathrooms and in the office.  Tony came down and did an awesome job on the sheet rock.  He is truly an artist and even did a special texture on the ceiling by using some sand off our beach.  It looks great.
   After Tony left we got busy and painted the walls and ceiling, and then I put up the wallpaper on the upper part of the walls.  We are doing a board and batten treatment on the lower part, so we also spent time painting lots of boards for that effect, and we painted lots of trim boards too.  That was all set aside for now as we worked on the bathroom and bedroom doors, sanding and staining them. Also refinished two night stands, one armoire, and a dresser.  Got all the trim around the door and window sanded and painted, still have to find some matching trim for the bathroom door,  have looked in a few places, but no luck so far. We got the old floor covering torn up and Brian fixed a hole in the floor, so now that is ready to sand and stain. I cleaned and re-painted the outside window sills, they were looking pretty rough.  Have really made good progress especially since we took two weeks off and went to Florida to soak up some sun and re-charge the batteries!!!  Came home tan and ready to finish the room.  We are hoping to have our open house in June and open soon after.