Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to work.....

Been busy ever since we got back from vacation! We had about a week of great weather so concentrated on outdoor projects.  Power washed the front deck and got it ready for painting.  We went with a fairly new product called Restore.  It was a lot of work to put on, but it looks great, and if it holds up it will be worth all the work. Had to tear apart quite a bit of the railing as it was rotten.  What a mess, but Brian has been busy making new posts and getting it put back together, even some of the deck had to be replaced. I cleaned off and got the conservatory deck and railings ready for stain.  Got it about 3/4 done before the weather changed.  Hope to get it finished when we get a dry day or two.  Brian has done a lot of work with the tractor too.  We are hoping to move the big trailer back into it's permanent home, but still have to put in the french drain and the retaining wall.
  Bought a little antique table for $10 and after putting a few hours of work into it, it now sits beside the bathtub with the towels and soaps on it! Doesn't look like a $10 table anymore! Also inside, we have been working on the stairs, getting the carpet runner down.  Made it half way before we ran out of the padding. To be continued soon.  Have also been doing some little projects, like putting on switch plate covers and decorating the walls with a lot of art that has just been sitting around.  Good to get it up! Also finished the trim in the Pillar Rock Room, and hung the blinds, just the mattress to buy and that room is done!