Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, June 30, 2005

We have made real progress in the past few days! Went to town and picked up tons of lumber and material to work on the kitchen and bathroom. Then today we tore down more of the old wallboard in the kitchen and started putting up the 2 x 6 boards to drop the ceiling in there. It is necessary to lower it to be able to put all the new plumbing and wiring in that space. We pulled up a bit of the subfloor to look at the original fir floor underneath to see if we should go down that far, but it is SO rotten! We could see right down to the ground! So we will just work on getting the old floor supported from underneath and put a new one on top. Brian did go under the house and got a few places repaired, doesn't feel so bouncy now! I want to try and save some of the old wainscoting to use on one of the walls. Just to get a feel of what it was like when it was built.

We also got the glass block shower ordered for the bathroom downstairs and made arrangements for someone to come and give us a bid on the fireplace.

Next week we go to Seattle to pick up the tub, and pick out our cabinets at Ikea.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jahn and Em just left a few hours ago and I am sooooo sore and tired! We did so much over the weekend. We got the old trailer moved down to Richard's property and then after Brian went to work, the three of us got busy in the kitchen! Wow, did we ever! We tore out most of the rest of the old wall board and nasty 70's paneling and then we started in on the floor! We got up 3 layers! Vinyl flooring, then thin subfloor and then vinyl tiles. We got down to the old subfloor, but I am sure there is an old fir floor underneath. Not sure if it is in good enough shape to go down the extra layer. We took some pictures while we were working and we sure had a lot of "friends" helping us as you can see in the picture! Well I tried to add a picture.........

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Have not written in quite a while as nothing has been happening here at the house. We took a 3 week trip to Ireland (which was wonderful). And then my Mom broke her hip! Also had Maliah here for 3 weeks and you just don't accomplish a lot with an almost 5 year old around! So have not been home much to do much!
However that has changed! We have been really busy on the house in the last two weeks. We got all the siding up on the addition with the help of John and Jahn and Emily. Thanks a bunch! And we have done a lot of yard work. The lawn is growing faster than we can cut it! Spent the day in Portland yesterday looking for siding but instead we found some old wainscoting and some old wood baulsters that we will use for the tops on the Newell posts on the front steps! Some real finds! Also bought a new trailer to haul stuff in, and went to Castle Rock to get some river rock. A long day, but we really did get a lot done!
Em and Jahn are coming down this weekend and we plan to do even more!
Had to put off the plumber and the electrician last month due to being away so much, but they will be here in the middle of July.
Here's to getting a lot done in the next few months!