Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Looking back at 2007, and despite the setbacks, I can see that we really did make some big strides. The conservatory was one of them. It is almost finished, just some more trim and the flooring needs to be done, and then.....I can move furniture in there and actually do some decorating. We have taken care of the leaks and the only thing left to do on the outside is the siding and lattice. WOW!
Other than that we have our bedroom started. Most of the sheetrock is up, the subfloor and insulation are done and next comes the ceiling tile.
We also got the pantry built in the kitchen. It really makes a big difference. We can store so much in there that it makes a lot of room in the rest of the cupboards. I have been busy rearranging them to make things easier to get at.
We got the fence up around the secret garden area and even got a few trees and bushes planted. Cleaned and organized the garage...(but all we did was fill up the empty spaces with more stuff!)
A new updated water-system was put in and made a big difference in the water quality.
I have started working on my office and storage closet. I wanted to start the year out being able to find the desk and the floor. It needs more work, but it is a start.
Most of the rest of the work has been maintenence, but it's all part of the process.