Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This weekend Jahn and Em were down and we got the vinyl floor installed in the downstairs bathroom. We even brought in all the cabinets and put them in place and put the base of the shower down! I finished some of the painting on the walls and trim. Hopefully we will find more cabinets to cover the rest. We need the storage. I will post some pix on the website later this week.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, here it is April and things are moving along. The bathroom upstairs is almost done...just a few pieces of trim left to paint and install. The floor turned out nice! It was a lot of work, but worth it. Painted the vanity white with black accents and stained the little side table to match the dark squares on the floor. All of the wainscoting is up and painted....I am really pleased with the results. Only two more bathrooms to go!!!! :-)
Brian finished the window trim in the front bedroom and I got it caulked and painted. Just put up the curtain rods today.....will get the curtains up tomorrow!
Em and Jahn will be down this weekend, not sure what projects we will get done with them...but it's always a boost to have the help!