Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Friday, December 16, 2005

In the last week or so Brian has been concentrating on the plumbing. Whew, trying to run lines to three bathrooms and a kitchen is a bit overwhelming. But he is doing it! I just hand him stuff! I have been trying to get the upstairs small bathroom ready to go. I have been sealing the old wood floor so we can lay the tile, and get the shower and toilet in.......and insulating...of course.
Yesterday Brian was cutting some boards to use for trim on the new window downstairs and he cut his thumb with the table saw!!! Had to run him to the Dr and get 10 stitches in it. It was a nasty cut! Guess we have to be glad it wasn't any worse and that it is his left hand!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well we continue to do more insulating and last week when we had a few nice days Brian got out in the yard with the tractor and spread the rest of the dirt and planted more grass. We have our fingers crossed that it will come up. We also spent one day putting up siding on the west side of the house. That should keep it a bit more weatherproof and warmer I hope!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Here it is the middle of November and we are freezing! Even though we have the new fireplace and the wall heaters, there are so many drafts that it just does not do a good job heating the house. I have been insulating and weather proofing every crack I can find, but until we get the sheetrock on, it will continue to be cold!
The electrical inspection was done a few weeks ago and we passed, now to get the plumbing in! Then we can get that inspected and finish the insulating and get that much needed sheet rock up.
Slowly but surely!
Oh...we have nice clean well water now too! Tastes great and is so clear. No more buying bottled water. A definite step in the right direction.
We planted the grass, but it has been raining so much I am not sure all of it took. We can see a little bit coming up! Let's hope it does! I am sure we will have to add some more in the spring.
All for now! Back to insulating!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's October already!!! I guess I have just been too busy to write, so better catch up a bit!
We have done the following projects since the last time I wrote.

The new windows are in! Wow, what a difference! And what a lot of work it was to tear out all the old ones. Thought we would never finish!
Rebuilt and insulated one wall on the outside of the house. We added a window on that wall, so had to tear all the siding off and replace it.
The new gas fireplace is in and the old gas stove is sitting out on the porch.
Brian built the surround for it and replaced some flooring.
Built walls for a closet upstairs
Bought a tractor so we can stop renting machines and do our own work.
We had 5 loads of dirt dumped and Brian has been busy spreading it out. We need to add lime and fertilizer and get the lawn planted, but the weather is not co-operating! Rain and more rain! Got to do it soon!
Bought the last toilet, sink and vanity. I think we have everything now to put together the bathrooms, just got to get the plumbing finished.
The electrician is coming back tomorrow to start on the rest of that project. Yippee!
Well that's about it in a nutshell. A lot of work has been accomplished, but so much more to go.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well the electricians John and Mel were back and got a lot done and then BAD NEWS! John broke his wrist! So they came back once to get us 220 again, but will have to wait until he heals a bit to come back. He is in a lot of pain now! Poor guy~ I think we are one maybe two days away from being finished and then we can get that inspected. So in the meantime we have walls to build, waterlines to put in and other projects to do. So we can work around that project. Always a lot to do here for sure!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Well we made it through another Work Party Weekend. Not everything went as planned. We had some machinery rented to dig the ditch for the water line, and all was going well until we blew a hydraulic line! So had to dig the rest by hand....pick axe and shovel. But all the kids pitched in and worked and they got it done. Got the road dug up and the line laid. What a huge job!
Here at the house we worked on a few little things like scraping paint off the windows and hallway banister. Got a little bit done on that. Madi and Maliah helped me pull weeds and morning glory from around one of the rhododendrons that was being choked off by all of it.

When we finished on Sunday they all went down to the river and had a good swim! Nice and refreshing after such a lot of work!

The electrician is back tomorrow, so back to that project!

Friday, August 19, 2005

For the last two days the electrician has been here working in the bathrooms and kitchen. Oh my.....we really had to keep ahead of him tearing down walls and building them up! Moving boxes and cleaning out rooms! Got the divider wall built in the small bathroom upstairs and the hole for the door cut! There are now wires running everywhere!
Even had to make a run to Longview to pick up a few things that we had forgotten. What a busy two days! And tonight the rest of the family arrives and we get to start on our work party lists tomorrow!
Also Richard Trojan was here and helped us on Thursday. He just about single handedly put in the stairs to the attic, and then he cleaned up some of the nasty mess up there. Found two treasures! One old high topped child's shoe, and the old swinging door that was in the kitchen. I was thrilled to see both of them! Nice to find the unexpected! There is also an old rocking chair that is in pieces. This will be a great storage area once we get the insulation and flooring in! Richard also did some scraping on the stair railings. It was nice to have him here for a few days! What a hard worker!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well it has been a busy few days! Brian has continued to work on the plumbing and get things ready for the electrician when he gets here Thursday. I have been assisting him and trying to clean out rooms so we can get the wiring done and get to the windows to take them out. the new ones are going in in just a few weeks!
Then yesterday we went to Portland and picked up a few tools and picked out the cabinets for the bathroom. They are a nice light wood. I think Maple. It will make the bathroom so light and bright. Then we went to Home Depot and picked out the lighting and a sink, faucet and vanity too! Whew what a load we had! But it felt good to get all that we need. I picked out the kitchen and bathroom flooring at Golden Ladder last week, so that should be in pretty soon too! It is all coming together......slowly but surely!
The work party is this weekend, so we hope to accomplish a lot! Hope to report much more later!

Friday, August 05, 2005

We have a working toilet!!!! For the last two days the old one has been torn out, and all we had was a porta-potty! Thank God for small favors! So nice to have a new one, and it is even in the right place! No longer in the middle of the room! The room looks much larger now! What a big improvement!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Whew, a lot of banging and crashing in the last few days! The plumber, Jim has been here and now we have pipes and vents going everywhere. Jim and Brian really got a lot accomplished! Today we are moving the toilet to it's new location and also the gutters are going up! I stained part of the front porch a few days ago, it looks so nice. Am so glad to see all this progress! It is a lot of hard work, but all worth it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wow, what a great day! We had Sally & Dom and most of their family and a few friends here today to see what we have been up to at the house. We had a great visit! Nice to see everyone! It was a beautiful day at Dahlia House.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We have been so busy the past few days. Went to Longview to pick up more lumber and get rid of the garbage from the last few days of tearing out. Then we went to Astoria and picked up the mantle and fireplace. As soon as we get the walls built for that, they will come out and install. We also got the divider wall built between the two bathrooms upstairs and the rest of the walls torn out. Just a few more things to do and then we can have the plumber back to finish the job!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

We made great progress today! Colleen was here and gave us lots of help! We got the walls torn out in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Also tore up the old floor in the bathroom. We filled the little trailer with debris from the destruction. Lots of old rotten boards and nasty flooring. And a lot of old mouse nests in the walls.
There is a lot of rot we are going to have to deal with, boards that will have to be replaced. But it was a good days work. We need to build the walls upstairs to divide the two bathrooms, might start that tonight or tomorrow. We also have some major decisions to make concerning placement of showers, sinks etc...before the plumber comes back.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today was awesome!!!! We had the plumber here to help us and we also had people here to give us quotes on gutters and windows. We are headed out tomorrow to look at more flooring and cabinets in Portland. And to buy more plumbing parts and lumber.
We have a lot of tearing out to do in the bathrooms, and we need to put up the interior walls. So Saturday will be a busy one! But it will be fun to see the progress!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I am not writing this evening about any of the progress we are making, but about what it is like living out here.
I was worried that it would be too secluded and maybe boring, but the opposite is true! We are a bit overwhelmed with all the wildlife and wonderful scenery we see on a daily basis. Being a born and bred "city" girl this is amazing to me, and Brian says he just didn't pay attention to it or appreciate it as he was growing up.
We have two "resident deer" that are here for dinner each night at dusk, and they are not afraid of us at all. We go out and talk to them and they listen, and then go about their munching and crunching on the grass. (I will have to have serious talks with them if they start eating my Dahlias or Asparagus!) There are twin fawns we see just down the road and one doe with part of her back leg missing. She has a terrible time keeping up with her baby!
Besides that we see eagles and kingfishers, and all sorts of other birds. And there are always raccoons and the occasional porcupine wandering about. Had to wait while one got out of my way the other night as I came up the drive.
I even saw a bobcat on the way home one dark night. He was just strolling down the road in front of me. Today my big find was a black and white bunny rabbit!
The views out the front window are always changing, whether it be the wildlife in the front yard or the ships and boats that are passing us by. It is a forever changing scene, and we love the move we have made.
I hope that when we open our B&B that people will relax and enjoy it and appreciate the constantly changing events that unfold around us.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Went to Seattle and picked up our bathtub at Lowes and then got the glass block kit at Seattle Glass Block for the shower downstairs. Then we spent about 4 hours at Ikea looking at the kitchen area. We have it pretty much all picked out, but didn't have room in the pick-up and trailer to bring it home. They have it saved in draft form and all we have to do is convert it to a sale. We will live with and work on the design again for a few weeks and see if we want any changes. If not, we go and get it as is.
On the way out we saw the sink we wanted for the big upstairs bathroom and the flooring we wanted for the kitchen, so we got that too! Quite a load we brought home! A very satisfying trip!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So the last few days we have been putting up a few 2x6's in the kitchen every day. We just have two to go and some cross beams and we are done with that job.
Brian found the lumber to finish the rest of the siding! He brought it home today. Now we just need to get it milled to match.
We have been taking advantage of the good weather and doing some yard work. It is starting to take shape....well for now anyway.

I planted Dahlias and asparagus!
Everyday we try to accomplish at least one thing!
So excited to pick out our kitchen at Ikea on Friday!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

We have made real progress in the past few days! Went to town and picked up tons of lumber and material to work on the kitchen and bathroom. Then today we tore down more of the old wallboard in the kitchen and started putting up the 2 x 6 boards to drop the ceiling in there. It is necessary to lower it to be able to put all the new plumbing and wiring in that space. We pulled up a bit of the subfloor to look at the original fir floor underneath to see if we should go down that far, but it is SO rotten! We could see right down to the ground! So we will just work on getting the old floor supported from underneath and put a new one on top. Brian did go under the house and got a few places repaired, doesn't feel so bouncy now! I want to try and save some of the old wainscoting to use on one of the walls. Just to get a feel of what it was like when it was built.

We also got the glass block shower ordered for the bathroom downstairs and made arrangements for someone to come and give us a bid on the fireplace.

Next week we go to Seattle to pick up the tub, and pick out our cabinets at Ikea.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jahn and Em just left a few hours ago and I am sooooo sore and tired! We did so much over the weekend. We got the old trailer moved down to Richard's property and then after Brian went to work, the three of us got busy in the kitchen! Wow, did we ever! We tore out most of the rest of the old wall board and nasty 70's paneling and then we started in on the floor! We got up 3 layers! Vinyl flooring, then thin subfloor and then vinyl tiles. We got down to the old subfloor, but I am sure there is an old fir floor underneath. Not sure if it is in good enough shape to go down the extra layer. We took some pictures while we were working and we sure had a lot of "friends" helping us as you can see in the picture! Well I tried to add a picture.........

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Have not written in quite a while as nothing has been happening here at the house. We took a 3 week trip to Ireland (which was wonderful). And then my Mom broke her hip! Also had Maliah here for 3 weeks and you just don't accomplish a lot with an almost 5 year old around! So have not been home much to do much!
However that has changed! We have been really busy on the house in the last two weeks. We got all the siding up on the addition with the help of John and Jahn and Emily. Thanks a bunch! And we have done a lot of yard work. The lawn is growing faster than we can cut it! Spent the day in Portland yesterday looking for siding but instead we found some old wainscoting and some old wood baulsters that we will use for the tops on the Newell posts on the front steps! Some real finds! Also bought a new trailer to haul stuff in, and went to Castle Rock to get some river rock. A long day, but we really did get a lot done!
Em and Jahn are coming down this weekend and we plan to do even more!
Had to put off the plumber and the electrician last month due to being away so much, but they will be here in the middle of July.
Here's to getting a lot done in the next few months!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Oh so much to do and where to start??? We have met with the plumber and the electrician and even had someone over to give us a quote on the windows. The list goes on and on! But all comes to a halt next Tuesday for 3 weeks while we are in Ireland. When we get home we will hit the ground running and get started in earnest! I am excited to see it all come together!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The front deck and porch are almost finished. Ted will be back tomorrow to do the last of it! Nice to get one project done. Well, we still have the painting and finishing touches to do, but it's a start. We continue to unpack and put away stuff. Still finding things! Just no storage in this house, so I am sure we will be living out of boxes for a while!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today we had Ted Nance here working on the front deck and porch. Nice to hear the sound of saws and hammers! However the cats were freaked and hid under the bed most of the day. Brian moved the big trailer away from the side of the house and cleaned out some stuff in the garage. And then I brought home a 12ft 4x4 and 12 bags of cement. We will start putting in the base for the front steps tomorrow. I cleaned bricks, but have many more to go!!! And the fun begins!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Well the only thing we are doing so far is moving things around, emptying a few boxes and vacuuming up thousands of ladybugs! But soon we will get past this and get to the real meat of the project!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Well we are here! All moved in and living amongst the boxes! We are trying to get a few unpacked and put away each day. The weather has been great and we are enjoying it by taking walks and working outside too.
The washer and dryer are working and we have heat and water, what more could you ask for?? We are going to start working on the kitchen and bathroom first. We already went and picked out all of the appliances. It was fun! Now to go to Ikea for the cabinets! But before it all goes in we have a lot of tearing out to do. Yeah!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another huge load went down today. We are almost moved out! There are boxes and furniture everywhere. We will have a big job of sorting when we get down there.
Nice to turn on the tap and see water and even pressure! Hopefully we will get the washer and dryer hooked up tomorrow or Tuesday. Everyday something new!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Well today the real push started! The kids were here and moved a huge trailer and pick-up load down there. Then they worked on the water system and got us water! Yippie! Brian met with the guy from Petrolane a few days ago and now we have heat too!
Just a few more days and we will be living down there full time. Does not seem possible that this is really happening. The kids have been so helpful! Couldn't have done it without them!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well the moving has begun! Brian and I went down with a load yesterday and there will be many more to come. Having a big moving sale in Cathlamet so hope we do not have to move very much!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Found out today that the house in Cathlamet IS sold!!!! So now the fun begins! Have to be out so soon! 20 days left!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We met with the electrician today and went thru everything we wanted done. He will start just as soon as we give him the word!!! We do have a bunch more tearing out to do before he can come down.......oh fun........ more work with the crowbar!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The whole family was down this weekend and we got a couple of loads moved down to the house. It absolutely poured all weekend so we concentrated on stuff that could get wet. Everything is out of the sheds and off the patio, so the back yard is done. Also just about got the attic cleaned out here.
No storage down at Dahlia, so we are having a moving sale and then the rest goes to the Goodwill!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

We are 99% sure we have sold our house in Cathlamet, so now the big push is on to get moved! What a job! Not sure where to start!
Brian has been so sick with pancreatitis and is not going to be much help for the move, but we will manage somehow. The girls will be down a few times to help.
Went down to the house a few days ago and just rearranged things a bit so we can get more in! WOW! This is really happening!

Monday, January 10, 2005

This time when we went down, it was a bit warmer and we had some time, so we tore out some more old wallboard in the bathroom and kitchen. Felt good to get something accomplished! Still love the feel of the crowbar in my hands!!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Well the last time we were down, we were back to barely a trickle of water, but maybe the lines were just frozen. It has been cold.
We also lost George for a while, found out he went down to visit Aunt Eleanor! So we picked him up there and brought him home. He is now staying IN the house. Catching lots of mice too! Good Kitty! Not accomplishing much on our trips down, just taking things out of the house in Cathlamet and moving them into rooms down there. Too cold to do much! We have contacted an electrician so maybe we can get that project going.