Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, October 25, 2007

After our vacation down the coast last week Brian and I got busy and got the roof finished on the conservatory. So VERY nice to have that part finished. Putting the last few panels in was pretty tricky, and it took some time and patience, but got it done. Now we need it to rain so we can see if it leaks. Brian also worked on some trim work to make it look finished and I did most of the caulking. The next day he put in some wiring so we can have electricity in there. Other than that we have the ceiling tiles ordered for the bedroom and the 1/4 inch sheet rock is still on back order....so we wait to work on that room. Meanwhile we are winterizing the yard.....always a big job.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The last few weeks have seen a big change. We moved upstairs to be able to tear apart and remodel our bedroom. I tore all the old paneling off and then Em and crew finished tearing the old ceiling tiles off and tore up the old sub floor. Underneath was the original fir floor, but one whole side was rotten. So we cannot use it and will continue with our original plans of putting down some new flooring. Brian put in some cross beams to replace the damaged ones and cut some boards to fill in the left side of the floor. I got busy and insulated wherever I could. Had to clean one area out that was full of birdseed and nuts and other nasty stuff...........ick. The mice had a ball filling that area up.
Brian and Jahn and Em also worked on the conservatory. Getting started on putting up the roof. The weather did not cooperate and we were unable to finish it because of the downpour. But maybe next weekend.
Also got some primer put on the exterior of the west side of the house.