Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We did it! We are an official B&B

Where do I start?  We have done so much since my last post in May. It's been too busy to put it all down on paper.  I guess I will just list all of the projects we have finished.

  • The Pillar rock Room is done, new mattress, box spring and sheets.  It is all decorated and ready for guests. 
  • We finished the railings and the front deck, looks so fresh and clean
  • Hung up more art and did more decorating in the stairwell
  • Finished putting down the carpeting on the stairs and upper hallway
  • Repainted the floor on the upper deck and touched up the railings, finished painting the trim out there too.
  • Brian installed new toilets in two of the bathrooms, for better flushing! 
  • Built a new retaining wall and drainage field and then moved the big trailer back into it's permanent home.
  • Power washed and stained the Gazebo, wow, it looks brand new!
  • Did lots of yard work
  • Installed a new garage door on the small garage
  • Brian built and stained two new trellis's for the garden
  • Stained the arbor and added more stepping stones to the walkway
  • Started the landscaping along the road in front of the house
  • Cleaned out the small garage
  • Brian built a fancy shed for the garbage cans. 
  • Painted and put up a new headboard in our room.

           In mid June we had an Open House.  Had a fun time showing people around the house and visiting, it was a great day.  We sure appreciated everyone's support.  We had the health inspector down the next week and we passed the physical inspection.  The following week we took a water sample in and nervously waited to hear back......and when we did, the news was good!  We passed with flying colors. And we got our B&B accreditation! WOW!  We have been working for 10 years for this to happen, could not be happier!  Unfortunately I was having some health issues so we had to put off our official opening until next year, but the excitement of actually succeeding is amazing.
          We did have our first guests a few days ago.  The reservation was made earlier this year so we said...what the heck let's do it!  It was a wonderful experience and now we are really looking forward to next year. We are setting our opening for mid April of 2014