Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A tiny hair ruined my day!

      We have been making great progress!  The Pillar Rock Room aka the black and white room is really coming along.  The floors are done, the furniture is in place, the bed is set up including the box spring and dust ruffle,(still need a mattress).  The curtains are hung, and most of the decorating is done.  
     Yesterday I started in on the bathroom that is attached.  It was "done" about 5 years ago and has had a lot of use, so needed to put up the trim pieces, and spruce it up a bit, re-paint the trim etc....  I sanded and put down a coat of spar varathane to protect the part of the floor that is wood, and wow it looks great! Better than it did originally.  Went in there this morning to put on the second coat and discovered a hair about 4 inches long embedded in the varathane....of course it was in a spot that would be noticeable so I had to scrape and sand that area down to bare wood, re-stain.......wait.......put a coat of varathane on that area.......wait some more........and finally a few minutes ago put down the final coat. Whew!  Who knew one little hair could cause so much work?
     We went to Portland this week to Hippo Hardware and Rejuvenation and finally found the trim pieces we needed for the bathroom door, but forgot about the plinth blocks.  Phooey!  Well Brian got busy and made some to match the others in the room!!!  They look so good!  He is really getting good at all this woodworking! Just a few more details and both rooms will be done!!!  Now to clean up all of the mess!  Gees we are sure good at that!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last Room cont....

Wow, we are done with the last room except for a few pieces of trim which we need to go to Portland for.  I just hope we will be able to find some!  It has to match the old 1895 trim that is around the window and door, so got my fingers crossed that we can find a piece. The last coat of Varathane went on last night and it looks great!  Now comes the fun part...decorating!  This room has had it's challenges for sure but we are very happy with the result. The board and batten went up pretty easily, it was time consuming but worth it!  Of course the walls are not straight, so trying to make everything look level was.........shall we say interesting?
   Have also been working on a few other projects around the house.  Stained and got the rest of the trim up in the big bathroom, so that room is DONE!  Love saying that!  Bought and painted the trim pieces for the black and white bathroom, so those can go up this week.  
  I got my food handlers license!  So now we need to get the health inspector down to check things out and see where we are on that. We are thinking of having our open house in June, stay tuned for updates on the date. 
   There are a lot of little finishing touches to do, but will work through them room by room.  Must make lists!