Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Went down to the house and took a pick-up load of odds and ends down. Also checked out the pipes. Judy had one repaired while we were gone, but everything else looks good. We were lucky nothing else sprung a leak! A beautiful sunny cold day. Took a walk down the road to Richard's property and checked it out for him. Everything looks great. His grass is coming up just fine. He sure did a good job on the property. I hope we are able to get our grass planted this spring.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Judy e-mailed today to let us know the pipes were frozen. She is barely getting a trickle of water out of them. I hope that is all it is and that no pipes are broken! We will find out in a few days when it warms up!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Today I created this blog to attach to my website to make updating the journal a lot easier. Now if I can just figure out how to link it........we will be in business.
I would enjoy hearing from any of you looking at our web-site or blog!
I have also attached the old journal (2002-2003)

Happy New year!
June 30, 2002
Heather, Emily, Colleen and Madison joined us down at the house for a work day. With their help we really got a lot done. It was a great day except for Brian stepping on the nail!
June 13th
Took my sis and her husband down to the house for a quick look around and Brian tried out his new DR Trimmer. I think it is going to be just the thing to keep the brush down and open up the path to the beach.
June 15th
Brian went back down to the house today and cleared off a new path to the beach. He also cut down the lawn that was so overgrown, it looked more like a hayfield. Every day more progress!
Made many visits down to the house to work on the plumbing
Had some cat and backhoe work done, wow, what a difference!
Installed new stairs to the beach! How nice that we can have access to the beach again!
Stopped by the house on the way home from our vacation with our great friends from Germany to show them the project!
Got the new Gas tank installed, so now there is heat back in the house and additional hook ups for the gas range Brian wants and the gas fireplace I want!!!
Had a yard clean up day at the house, took a huge load of junk to the dump!
Worked on the water system…what a hike up the hill, but it was worth it for the view of the waterfall and the fall foliage!
January, 2003
Took a few trips down to the house to check on things and install a temporary window in the front of the house.
Tore off some of the old siding and got things ready for Ted Nance to build the new addition. He came down and did it in one day. Contracted with Weatherguard to put on a new roof. They tore off three layers of old roof and added plywood and the new roof. It is slate in color and has diamond shapes to it. It looks awesome. Now we have the top and bottom sealed and we can start working on the inside!! So much left to do, but so nice to see these two projects crossed off the list.
Went down to the house a few times this month and installed the new window in the utility room and put back some of the old siding. We also tar- papered the new addition to weatherproof it. Every time we go down we take a pick-up full of things from the house and the yard. Might as well not waste a trip down there. Not with the gas prices the way they are now! And we have 30 years of accumulation here to move (or throw away!) (or sell on e-bay!)
Made quite a few trips down to the house to take more things down there and to do some weatherproofing on the front window. Have been getting the gazebo ready to take down to the house. Brian has it all jacked up on a trailer and moved out of the back yard, it is sitting by the side of the house here in Cathlamet, waiting for it’s big move! The roofers took off the only spire left on the roof and Brian worked on it a bit removing old paint and getting it back into shape. Then we took it up to our brother in law Jim who made up three more to put back up! He did an AWESOME job!

Took some plants down, even planted the first dahlia!!!! Bought an old door in Cashmere at an Antique sale. It is awesome, and Brian is having fun taking it apart and re-doing it. Hopefully it will be the new door out to the side garden.
June 2, 2003
Went down to the house today and pulled off some of the siding on the back of the house. There was a bee’s nest in there……. which Brian got rid of, while I stood way on the other side of the yard! We also took out TONS of birdseed from in the walls. (The mice have been busy storing it up!) You know, I have been hoping in our restoration project that we would find some exciting things to relate the history of the house. However I did not expect it to be bees and seeds!
Then we tore out some of the boards and siding on the old utility room to make way for the stairs on the new porch that is going in this week. I can hardly wait to see the finished results!
June 4-7
Ted Nance built the new back porch! It looks great, so welcoming!
June 8, 2003
We went down and did some measuring for all the gingerbread that will go on the porch to make it look Victorian. Also laid out some stakes where the front porch and the gazebo will go. Sprayed for bugs and did a clean up on the back area. Brian did some work with the DR Trimmer and we pulled off some more of the siding on the old shed. Hope to finish the rest of it on our workday! Planted a couple more dahlias.
June 15-19th
Have been running back and forth to the house all week getting ready for the work party this weekend! Moved the big trailer down there, and the cozy cruiser. Cleaned everything out and made up the beds etc. Have been making lists and buying supplies. Not sure how many we will have but we should get lots of jobs done!
June 20-22
WORK PARTY! Well the work party was a success, with a full crew of 15 to 20 friends and family depending on when you were counting! We got so much done. I don’t think Brian and I ever thought we would cross that many things off our list in one weekend! There was a lot of dirt moved, and paneling and ceiling tiles torn out. We took two huge loads of stuff to the garbage dump. We got the bricks stacked, the metal siding on the old shed torn off and a lot of general clean up done. And the unexpected was a load of driveway rock that made all the difference in the world! Thank you Kevin! We sure could not have done it all without the help of everyone! A special thanks to the cooks, food servers and babysitters! You were the best!!!


Have made a few trips down to the house to work on the water system and take some boxes down. We had Conrad come down with his tiller and tried to get the front lawn ready to plant. But there were so many rocks it made for slow going! Will have to have a rock picking party and then have him back down. Guess the lawn does not go in until next spring!

More work on the water system! Oh joy!
Ted Nance came down and built the framework for the front deck and Brian and I went down and sprayed and painted the wood. Hopefully got it sealed from weather and bugs! We will have Ted finish it next spring.

With the help of big brother Henry we got the Gazebo moved down to the house. Whew! What a job! It was strange to see it heading down the road on the back of a trailer! We just have it parked in the back yard area right now until we decide where we want to put it.

Got a bit of a shock today as we saw a FOR SALE sign on Phillip’s property! He had mentioned a few years back that he may want to sell it, but it was sure a surprise to see the sign!

Made a few trips down to take some boxes of stuff down. Also made sure the water lines were winterized.

December 2003
Moved more boxes down, getting closer to the time we will move in. Just as soon as Judy gets her new home set up and gets moved out. Hopefully in March! Then we can really tear into stuff!