Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Well our new catch phrase is "Nothing Is Easy" Everything always seems to take two or three tries to get done. First the crooked walls in the bathroom, next the shower that would not stop leaking no matter how many times we caulked, then painting the floor in checkerboard squares was a fiasco. The dark stain leeched over into the white squares...spent countless hours with mineral spirits and sandpaper to get it up and then had to re-paint the white with a tiny brush and a Q-tip. AHHHHHHHH. So next I need to put a coat of clear varnish on it all. Got my fingers crossed that this will go well.
We have been working on the downstairs bathroom too. Emily and Jahn were down and helped us tear out the old bathtub, and finish the subfloor, did some sheetrocking, tape and texture and now to paint. Even that wall was uneven and had to have some work done to even it out!
Oh...the shower finally is waterproof for the most part. All the caulking is watertight, there is just one seal that needs some adjusting, but we can live with that.
Brian also has started putting up the window trim in the front bedroom, that will need painting too soon. Might as well start carrying a paintbrush in my back pocket.