Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hey.... the weather was nice for a few days, so Brian got out on the tractor and leveled out the side yard some more. Got the grass seed in just before it started raining again. Also worked on my dahlia bed. Got it set up and the dahlia tubers ready to plant. Just need a nice day to get out there again. Even got a tree planted! Bought the Barberry bushes to put across the front of the property, will do that when we get home from vacation. Also picked out the paint for the rest of the kitchen.
I have started refinishing the vanity for the big bathroom upstairs. It is looking good with just one coat. Have to sand it and do the final coat tonight.
Finished staining the last of the bead board for the kitchen ceiling. Now to get it up.
Still having electrical issues, have had the electrician back again. We are going to have to trade out this old electrical panel for a new one. Everything in there is loose and we get sparking when the hotwater tank kicks on.
Started putting the sheetrock up in the kitchen today. I think we set a record for the longest amount of time to get one piece up. Sheesh. First we cut it the wrong size, and then we had to make all the cuts for the electrical outlets etc......it just went on and on. Nothing seemed to go right! But after 3 hours we have two great looking boards up and screwed in! It's a start!
Heather & Em will be down while we are gone, so we have a whole list of things for them to do. We will see what gets done!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

We have really been busy for the last few weeks. Heather and Adam were down. Heather worked on cleaning off bricks and scraping the old paint on the stairs. She is still recovering from knee surgery and had to do sit down projects. Adam helped Brian get the foundation for the conservatory laid out and was a big help in putting up more ceiling boards. Just about 1/4 of it left to do. We went to Portland and picked up the conservatory. Borrowed Henry's pick-up, ours would have never made it up the hill! So it is now sitting in a big crate in the trailer. After we get back from our vacation we will start on that project.
I picked out the paint and got the top 3 boards along the kitchen walls painted, that's all that will show above the cabinets. Nice brick red color. So anxious to get the cabinets in.
Also had the electrician back down to finish up a few things, nice to get some of the temporary wiring out of the way.