Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well what a wild work party we had! So many people here to help! It was really nice to see everyone pitch in and try and get the job done. We got the conservatory sides and door in.....no roof yet. It was a lot harder than it looked. There was a lot of reading over the instructions and scratching of the head! But hey.....it's almost there! Also got started on the fence around the secret garden area. Got the back part up and the posts in for the front. Brian and I plan on doing the rest this week. Also got a lot of bark dust spread and a tree planted. Many thanks to all who helped!!!
Scott was here on Thursday and got the old chimney down and the roof patched. Thank goodness we won't have the leaks to deal with this winter! And the guy from the Water Doctor was here and installed the new system. The jury is out yet on the results. It seemed fine for the first few days, but it is back to smelling like rotten eggs again. Brian tried flushing out the hot water tank and bleaching it. Will see if that clears it up! So tired of having yucky water! Especially after all we have paid to get the system in.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brian took this week off and we spent most of the time cleaning the small garage. It is unbelievable! For the first time since we moved here you could park a car in there! We certainly threw a lot of stuff away, but also organized the rest. What a job it was, but how very nice it looks.
We also unpacked more of the boxes for the conservatory. We have it all laid out on a table and ready to go. Tomorrow will be a busy day. We need to get the sill in place and then we will be ready for the weekend. Also Scott is coming to take the old chimney down, as it needs to go before we get all that glass in place.
Another thing that is happening is an addition to our water system. We are having so much trouble with the one we have that they are coming out to install a chlorine system. The UV light is just not working with all the "crap" that is in our water. Sure hope this works as it is not a cheap fix!
Looking forward to this weekend and all that we will accomplish!