Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Sunday, October 04, 2009

It has been a busy few months! We have focused on getting the house painted, but what a job. As of this date we have about half of it scraped, sanded and painted with primer. About 10% has the actual finished colors on it. We have also added trim around the back door and some of the windows. It is looking good, but what a lot of work it has been. Will continue to work on it as we have nice fall days.
We have also finished the upstairs porch by sealing and painting the floor. Then we could finally replace the rotten boards in the hallway. So that is repaired and insulated and we will hopefully get it sheet rocked soon. Have put up more sheet rock in the living room and Brian has the fireplace surround just about finished. (with sheet rock) It looks great! It will be a good winter job to finish.
A lot of work has gone into the yard. We have grass planted on the side yard and hey it is growing really well. I guess the third time is the charm! We bought special soil called energy. And boy did the grass seed ever take off like wildfire!
We bought a 29 foot trailer to use for a bunkhouse when we have a lot of family here, and we will also be renting it out. So if you are interested, let us know!
Cleaned off the back hillside pulled down some trees and laid down lots of new dirt and rock, will finish that project in the spring by adding gravel to the new parking area and on the driveway. Made some new flower beds...or should I say Rock beds. Just something to make it look good and that the deer will not eat.
We had a great garden this year with lots of potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Also my dahlias were so bountiful and so pretty.
Got the back deck cleaned, sanded and the first coat of stain on it, will do the final coat when we finish the painting on the house. (too much of a chance of splatters!) We got one of the spires up on the witches peak! Looks great! (Thanks to Adam for climbing way up there!!!) Did some finishing work on my big closet upstairs. Added a light and sheet rock and paint. It is so organized! Love it!
That's about all I can think of right now...I just know the summer has just flown by!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cannot believe I have not added to this blog since last November. We had a busy winter and really did accomplish a lot. Guess the easiest way to do it would be to just add a list.

Got the glass block shower put together in the downstairs bathroom, (still need to add the tile)

Tiled the back splash in the kitchen and put up and painted the trim around one window

Attached all the cabinets in the bathroom, built the vanity top, installed the tile and the sink!
(wow, so nice to have a sink in the bathroom now!)

Gutted, insulated and sheet rocked the old closet upstairs, painted, added trim and new flooring & built shelves and now we have a linen closet upstairs

Worked on the upstairs deck, replaced all the rotting boards and support columns, added a railing, and sealed and painted it.

Did some more sanding and painting in the kitchen

Insulated and put up a few pieces of sheet rock in the living room

Built new raised beds in the garden

Built a fire pit in the side yard

Picked out the house colors. Pewter Moon and Silver Spree, with white and burgundy trim

Started scraping, sanding and putting primer on the outside of the house. Hope to have it painted by the end of the summer.

Had 75 sheets of sheet rock delivered so we can get the downstairs and the hall sheet rocked

So that has all been in the last 6 months...not bad.....