Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It has been another busy week. Jahn and Emily and their friend Jason were down over the weekend and they worked their butts off. Jason and Jahn built the deck and one set of stairs for the conservatory. It was so hot you could only work out there in the morning, too hot in the afternoon. Em and I worked on the pathway on the east side of the house. Put in bark dust and red rock. Just need a little more red rock and bark to finish it off. We also started painting the front deck railing. It is going to look really good once we get it finished. Brian had just had surgery so we just made him the gopher. Hard to keep him down! He was so frustrated that he could not help more. He did finish putting the BBQ together, it looks great! Em and I also cleaned out two big cupboards in the dining room and put stuff in the kitchen. Then the guys moved the cabinets outside. Lot's of room in the dining room now!
Then Monday Brian and I installed the door to the conservatory. WOW! It is so pretty! And lets so much light in on that side of the house. I got the small bathroom upstairs all painted, and started on the front bedroom. I am sooooooooo sick of painting! But back to it tomorrow! Still no counter tops, but Brian and I finished putting the island together and Dale Jacobsen came and hooked up the gas stove. Baby steps!
Lot's of cleaning and organizing to do too!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Well the sheet rock is up and textured in the front bedroom, small bathroom upstairs and our bathroom downstairs. It looks great! I painted for two days in the bathroom and got the ceiling and two walls painted, so we could move the washer and dryer back in place and get two cabinets up. Looks great!
I painted a small table...Brian poured the cement foundation for the conservatory stairs.
Heather and Colleen were here and we worked on all sorts of projects.
Got the conservatory out of the box! WOW! What a big project. Lot's of cardboard, but everything looks to be intact. The big crate it came in is now a playhouse for the grandkids....We named it Camp Verbena (that was Mary's middle name)
Cleaned off the back porch and got it swept and scrubbed and some furniture out of the garage to put on it.
Did lots of yard work, including a nice garden area in the east side of the house with steps going down to the Gazebo.
Brian worked on installing the fan in the kitchen, which was a comedy of errors! He had it in backwards first...ooooooo heard lot's of 4 letter words.....but it is in the right way now. It is never as easy as the instructions make it look!
The guy was here to start on our counter-tops. He got quite a bit done, and will be back once the rest of the material for the top gets here.
Lot's of other stuff too! Cleaned off the front porch, and scrubbed off lots of bird poop. Picked up garbage and loaded the pickup with one heck of a load to go to the dump.
We are getting there!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The sheet-rock guys have been here for 6 days now! What a difference. They will be back tomorrow to do one more coat and then Saturday to texture.
Brian and I have been working just about around the clock to get the kitchen cabinets in place. The counter tops start going in today.
I have even put food and dishes in some of the cabinets, trying to get the old ones in the dining room emptied so we can move them out of here! And the fridge is in! Now to get the rest of the appliances in there!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Heather read the last entry and said I missed some stuff! We did SO much it was hard to remember it all!

Here goes:

Cleaned out the junk in the front entry way (wait a minute.......Junk?)
Detailed and cleaned off the stained glass window over the front door
Installed the new Dutch door (that was a big one you missed!)

The sheet-rockers are here now and things sure look different!
I will get to paint next week!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wow, what a difference a week makes! Heather & Em came down last week and stayed thru the weekend. The boys came down and joined them on Friday night along with two other couples that are friends of Ems. I am just going to make a list of all the things we got done.

The Gazebo is off the cribbing and onto it's own foundation. WOW! This was a huge job. So glad it is done! Jahn and Adam and Emily were a big help!
The BBQ area is cleaned off and painted. Heather did most of it. It looks so clean!
Created a few more flowerbed areas
Cleaned up around the two garages
Moved the yard art into place
Stacked all the lumber in one location
Painted the fence pieces
Cut down beams in BBQ area
Installed one fence piece
Put more dryer felt and barkdust down in the secret garden area
Planted twenty barberry bushes across the front of the house.
Installed the upper cabinets in the kitchen (WOW, they look great!)
Worked in the small bathroom upstairs, tore out one wall, insulated and moved things
Adam and Brian started getting the shower installed. It is about 3/4 done.
Did some insulating in the big bathroom upstairs
Cleaned all the outdoor furniture
Mowed and watered lawns
Painted the picnic table
And lot's of other little jobs.
What a week!
More to do before the sheetrockers get here in two days!
Back to work!!!