Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ack! Here it is almost the end of September already. Still no time to update the website....will do that some dark and stormy day. Right now we are madly rushing to get the last little things done so the building inspector can come down and sign off on the building permit. The last two things were the earthquake straps for the hotwater heater, and the wired-in smoke alarms. Brian did the straps a few months ago but just finished the wiring and installation of the smoke alarms a few days ago. Will be so nice to have Chuck down here to sign off on the last of the work he has to see.
In the last few weeks we have also put up the siding and trim on the outside of the conservatory, painted the base of it, and Brian finished the outside stairs and railings. It looks just great!
Brian also added two lights in the attic, and I finished glazing the front window panes. That was a job that really took up a lot of my time this summer, from scraping, gluing and painting to finding a new matching pane, (cause I broke one) to the actual glazing job itself. The only thing left to do is put on a few coats of paint and then we can get it put back up in the front of the house where it belongs. Will have to get some family help for that project.
Now that the weather is iffy we will again turn to the inside jobs, and there are too many of those to list. The first big project will be to get our bathroom done! (at least it better be)