Dahlia House

Dahlia House
Taken in August 2013

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's October already!!! I guess I have just been too busy to write, so better catch up a bit!
We have done the following projects since the last time I wrote.

The new windows are in! Wow, what a difference! And what a lot of work it was to tear out all the old ones. Thought we would never finish!
Rebuilt and insulated one wall on the outside of the house. We added a window on that wall, so had to tear all the siding off and replace it.
The new gas fireplace is in and the old gas stove is sitting out on the porch.
Brian built the surround for it and replaced some flooring.
Built walls for a closet upstairs
Bought a tractor so we can stop renting machines and do our own work.
We had 5 loads of dirt dumped and Brian has been busy spreading it out. We need to add lime and fertilizer and get the lawn planted, but the weather is not co-operating! Rain and more rain! Got to do it soon!
Bought the last toilet, sink and vanity. I think we have everything now to put together the bathrooms, just got to get the plumbing finished.
The electrician is coming back tomorrow to start on the rest of that project. Yippee!
Well that's about it in a nutshell. A lot of work has been accomplished, but so much more to go.